Please peruse our array of Voodoo Ritual Supplies - Herbs, Oils, Candles & supplies needed to cast your own Spell work, Also, washes for cleansing and removing bad luck/negative energy and much more.

Voodoo Ritual Supplies

Pendulums / Crystal Pendulums

Pendulums are used in Wicca, Voodoo & Macumba to answer questions and locate objects. Suspended by a thread or chain, it will create its own motion.
Voodoo Ritual Supplies

Voodoo Spells - Ritual Kits / DIY

Voodoo Spells in kit form, or "Ritual Kits", with full instructions for the beginner or pro.
Voodoo Spells
Pheromone Oils

Pheromone Oils for Voodoo

Sensual, fragrant, natural oils laced with human pheromones, the natural scents our bodies produce to attract others.
Voodoo Ritual Supplies

Bath Salts / ritual herbal bath salts

Select the appropriate herb/salt combination to purify and consecrate your bath water, and concentrate your intentions to be cleansed inside and out.
Bath Salts
Voodoo Ritual Supplies

Candle Magic Figurine Candles

Add the element of fire and light into your ritual, or just use them to set a mood. Carve your target or purpose into our figurine candles and let your intentions be known.
Candle Magic
Voodoo Ritual Supplies

Spiritual Cleansing / Ritual Bath Kits

This is a spiritual cleansing bath to wash away jinx's, bad luck and bad energy. If you a need of a shower, do that first, then rinse out the tub and run your bath water in a clean space.
Spiritual Cleansing
Voodoo Ritual Supplies

Voodoo Spells / Herb Mixes / Love Spells

Attract Love spell herb mix, empowerment spell herb mix, healing spells - even a banishing spell herb mix. Cast your will to the winds and get results!
Spell Mixes
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