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Voodoo Erzulie Freda

Erzulie Freda

Erzulie Freda's colors are Pink & white

She loves pink champagne, flowers, rose water, perfume, jewelry, candy, mirrors and any fine gifts of beauty.

She is described as a mulatto woman, stunningly beautiful, flirtatious, sexual, sensual and is typically invoked in areas of love & money.

However, serving Erzulie Freda is not to be taken lightly or done in demand. Show her respect, compliment her, fill your mind with knowledge about her so you can serve her properly.

Keep Her Altar Clean! - Never place her near or around any loud spirits, spirits that smoke, and NEVER keep her Altar next to her sister Erzulie Dantor. She does love men so it never hurts to bring male company around her as she loves the attention. Much like most ladies do. 
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Voodoo Erzulie Freda Voodoo Altar / Erzulie Freda
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