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Baron Samedi / Voodoo
Baron Samedi / Voodoo

Baron Samedi's colors are black, purple, and white. His days are Saturday and Monday, and his number is nine.

His favorite offerings include rum, black coffee, coffee with sugar, playing cards, dice, peanuts, cigars, peppers, chicken, sweet potatoes, breads, sweets, and just about anything spicy.

Baron Samedi is usually depicted as a tall, slender but muscular black man. He has either a skull face or face makeup of a skull.

Baron Samedi / Voodoo Baron Samedi wears a black top hat, black tuxedo and dark glasses - Sometimes with one of the lenses out of the glasses representing being in the light and in the dark at the same time. Sometimes he is seen with cotton plugs in his nose as if prepared for burial.

He is suave and sophisticated but at the same time he will use vulgar language and enjoys dirty jokes.

He loves children and protects them to no end.

He is very powerful and extremely helpful in financial matters as well as any serious problems you may be having. He can bring people back from the brink of death.
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Baron Samedi / Voodoo Voodoo Altar / Baron Samedi
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